15 High Calorie Baby Food Ideas|| New Ways Nutrition

Many parents are aware that babies have a very high need for calories for their small size. The majority of these needs are met by breast milk or formula, but at around 6 months of age complementary foods need to start being introduced as well to help them meet all their needs. All the way through two years, they have very high needs for calories and fat in order for them to achieve optimal development. Here are some ideas that can help you offer as many calories as you can to your baby.

Advancing Your Baby's Food Textures || New Way Nutrition

Now that your baby has been eating for a little while, they have likely developed their skills enough to be swallowing many of their foods. Such progress! Do you know what to look for before starting to add in other items and textures?

Iron-Rich Foods for Toddlers and Babies | New Ways Nutrition

A frequent question from parents is what is the best source of iron for toddlers or babies. In the first years of life it can be very important to provide many different iron-rich foods for toddlers and babies to help prevent iron deficiency, or anemia.

Baby 0-4 months gift guide title image

When it comes to holiday gifts for your young baby, there are lots of options. Most of them tend to be around clothes and things for their nursery! This list still includes toys, but they’re ones that will specifically help to get your baby ready to start solids!

Toddler gift guide title image

When it comes to holiday gifts for your toddler, it can be really hard to narrow down your options! There are so many things out there.

This list focuses on things that are food and kitchen related to give you some ideas of gifts your toddler might enjoy that can also be really useful for you going forward.

parent gift guide title image

When it comes to gifts, especially around the holidays, some of my favorite gifts to receive (and give!) are upgrades to every day items. Not because there’s nothing else out there, but because something that makes my life just a bit easier throughout the coming year makes me happy. If you are in the same boat, this list is for you!

Protein for Kids || New Ways Nutrition

I hear from many parents concerned about protein for kids, and how much they really need. If they aren’t eating meat, do they need some form of protein powder? Should they be concerned? What are the actual protein needs for toddlers or babies?