Roasted Carrot and Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Have you ever put veggies in your grilled cheese sandwiches? If you haven’t, you are missing out! Veggies in grilled cheese sandwiches have become a family staple for us over the last few years, and they are my kids’ favorite meals.

It has gotten to the point where a grilled cheese sandwich with just cheese sounds too boring for me! I don’t think I ever would have thought that a few years ago.

Baby eating a snack

All you have to do is walk down the aisle of any store that sells baby items to see boxes, containers, and pouches all proclaiming that their product is the snack that will set your baby up for life.

Puffs, teething crackers, yogurt melts, the list goes on and on of products that are specifically marketed to be used as snacks for babies. But do babies even really need snacks?

kid refusing to eat

Meat is a common staple in many people’s diet, and something that meals are often built around. It can provide a lot of important nutrients for toddlers, including iron. But what happens when your toddler won’t eat meat?

Little boy drinking milk

Milk is one of the most confusing topics out there for parents. There are so many questions about it! One of the more common questions I get is exactly how much milk should a 1 year old drink. Or even a 2 or 3 year old! It’s usually not as much as you think!

baby eating finger foods in high chair

Have you ever heard the saying “Food before 1 is just for fun?” It’s a common saying that gets passed around parenting circles and online frequently. I imagine that when it was coined, the intention was to put parents’ minds at ease.

But while putting parents at ease is a great goal, this saying misses the mark.

Child hiding behind hands with plate of veggies on table

You see it everywhere. How to get your kids to eat vegetables! It’s simple! Simply hide the veggies in there so that they don’t know. They’ll never be any wiser! Or maybe you see recipes that encourage you just to add vegetables to a recipe to get them into your kids, perhaps just puree them up and add them in since they won’t eat them otherwise?

Kitchen is Closed on sign

Picture this. It’s an hour after breakfast, and your toddler decides they are bored. They head to the kitchen and grab whatever food they can reach.

An hour later, they’re bored again. They grab a step stool or their kitchen tower and climb up to the fridge to get into the drawer with food they can eat. They take some cheese, wander off and eat it.

Kid eating cereal for breakfast

Have you heard that you shouldn’t feed your kids cereal? That cereal is bad for toddlers? I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from parents that they feel guilty giving their kids cereal for breakfast, or that they haven’t ever considered it because of all the stories out there and the shame around “easy” foods and shortcuts. But cereal is a great nutritious option that makes getting breakfast on the table easier, and is something that can definitely be served to kids, with a few pointers and caveats.

Is Salt in Baby Food Okay | New Ways Nutrition

Have you heard the advice to limit salt for babies? Especially for those under one? Salt is one of the big worries I hear about from parents. Worrying about it can lead to a lot of anxiety as you feed your baby, so let’s talk about what you really need to know.