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Is Salt in Baby Food Okay?
As a parent of a newly-eating baby, you are likely aware of the salt in baby food that you serve. Most parents know that they should be cautious of how much salt they serve. But just how much is too much?
How Many Meals Should Your Baby Be Eating?
So you’ve got this feeding thing underway now. Your baby has met all the developmental markers and has started to eat foods. You know how much you should be feeding them at each meal, but just how often should you be feeding them? Six to Seven Months- At 6 months old, start by feeding your baby at least two meals a day. Feeding three meals isn’t a bad thing and can help with skill development. It can be quite the task between nap times and the amount of time your baby wants to sit at the table, though! So don’t feel the need to get 3 meals in every day at the beginning. (As with pretty much anything I write about, please pay attention to your baby first and foremost. These are general guidelines, but your parenting intuition rocks and you should listen to that above all else!) The Logistics It doesn’t matter what time these meals are at. The most important thing is
Help! My Baby Keeps Gagging on Their Food
A common question I receive from parents is about how much gagging is okay when a baby is first starting solid foods. While this is a hard question to answer definitively, I will try and provide a few guidelines to ease your mind. Gagging is a normal part of the learning process. A baby’s gag reflex...
How Much Should My Baby Eat?
One of the most common questions I get is "How much should my baby be eating?" Parents are understandably concerned when their baby doesn't actually eat much food in those first few months after starting solid foods, and want to know what is normal.So what is the amount that your baby should be eating? To most parents' consternation, the answer is: It depends.
6 Month Old Baby Food Ideas- Breakfast!
Today we're talking about breakfasts for your baby. Making balanced meals for a 6 month old can be fairly simple and straight forward once you get the hang of it. Until that time, though, it can seem very overwhelming! 6 month old baby food doesn't have to be daunting. I'm here to help you get past being unsure of what to serve. Here are a few pointers for you to make sure feeding is as seamless as possible.
How to Prevent Food Allergies in Children
Food allergies in children have always been a hot topic. Up until recently, the recommendation was to only give allergenic foods, like peanuts, to kids once they were a few years old. That recommendation has changed, though.
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Healthy snacks for kids can mean so many things. It's not just about the food itself, it's about when you serve it and what you serve it with, too! Find out the best ways to serve snacks to your kids.
6 Month Old Baby Food Ideas- Lunch!
Quick and easy lunch ideas for your 6 month old. We're talking about portion sizes, texture, and food ideas for babies.
Iron-Rich Foods for Toddlers and Babies
A frequent question from parents is what is the best source of iron for toddlers or babies. In the first years of life it can be very important to provide many different iron-rich foods for toddlers and babies to help prevent iron deficiency, or anemia.
Hot Topics in Nutrition: Probiotics for Kids
Probiotics for kids: are they necessary? I'm taking a look at the research this week to let you know the latest science and recommendations out there!
Talking to Kids About Food
Yucky and yummy. They seem to be the words that every kid likes to declare when at the table. As parents we  tend to encourage it, too. It's usually our default when we talking to kids about food. "Mmm, yummy!" or "Yucky?" Sound familiar? We would never rely on just those words to talk about food when speaking with other adults, though.
Traveling with a Newly- Eating Baby
Traveling with a newly eating baby can be challenging, there's no sugar coating it. Everything from figuring out how often they need to eat, to what you will feed them, and where they will sit needs to be accounted for. It can all be somewhat overwhelming. It takes time to get used to your baby's habits with eating. When you throw in a trip in the middle of the process, it can make everything even more complicated!
How Family Meals Can Help Your Child’s Well-Being
What if I told you that there was something you can do right now that could help your child succeed in life? Would you do it?` What if that something only involved about an hour of your time a day, and could result in fewer emotional difficulties and symptoms of depression for your child, as well as better emotional well-being? How about  if there was the potential that it could decrease the likelihood that your child would become addicted to drugs, and could improve their overall health?
Advancing Your Baby’s Food Textures
Now that your baby has been eating for a little while, they have likely developed their skills enough to be swallowing many of their foods. Such progress! Do you know what to look for before starting to add in other items and textures?
What Nutrients Are Important in My Baby’s First Foods?
So you're officially ready to start feeding your baby solid foods. They're about 6 months old and have met all of the developmental milestones. You've maybe even given them a couple of first foods. So what do you need to keep in mind as you start feeding them regularly?
First Foods: Traditional or Baby Led Weaning?
Now that you know when to start feeding your baby, it's time to get into the what of first foods. Pureed baby food or regular family food? Is there a specific food to start with? Continue reading to find out!
Recipe Resources for Mealtime Inspiration
One of my favorite things to do online is find new recipes. I like the inspiration I get from seeing new recipes pop up on blogs I follow. I also like being able to find the best version of a dish that I saw someone post about on social media. However I end up finding the recipe, I love to get in the kitchen and experience the satisfaction of a recipe that turns out perfectly.
Feeding Babies Part 1: Starting Solid Foods
The beginning of your child’s life is a time that is full of so many amazing moments. From their first smile to being able to sit up, it all seems to go by so fast. Before my daughter was born, I was so busy buying all sorts of baby paraphernalia that I didn’t do much thinking about how we were going to do the actual parenting. I figured we had plenty of time to work that out. At 5 months and counting (quickly, it seems!) we are definitely approaching that time where our parenting philosophy is going to need to start showing itself in full force.
The Best Healthy Travel Snacks for Families
We just got back from a trip to British Columbia to introduce the babe to her Canadian family. One of the things that always shocks me about traveling is just how meager the food options are at most airports, and how expensive those few options are. Now I’m the last one to say I won’t eat something, and am generally pretty open to all options for food. There’s just something about most airport food that leaves me feeling heavy and sluggish afterwards, though, so I generally try and avoid it, and the outrageous price tag!

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