Things to Put on Toast for Babies

Last updated March 8, 2023
By Renae D'Andrea

Toast is one of the most versatile foods for kids and adults. There are an endless number of things to put on toast. many of them healthy!

And when it comes to toast for babies, adding some healthy toast toppings can help to boost the nutritional value of a meal, and make it much easier for babies to actually get food to their mouth. 

So just what are some healthy toast toppings for babies? I’ve got lots of ideas for you!

Toast for Babies

Many parents are concerned about giving toast and bread to their babies. Bread is fine for babies right from the beginning of foods, or around six months.

You do want to watch out for bread with added sugars and a high amount of sodium. Head to this post for more details on the best breads for babies.

When it comes time to serve bread, you do want to toast it lightly.

The idea is that you want it to be firm enough that it won’t mush up into a ball in their mouth. But you don’t want it too hard that chunks of it will break off.

There’s no perfect texture, and different amounts of toasting will work for different breads, and different babies! It’s okay to experiment within these guidelines. 

Things to put on toast for babies

One of the ways you can make toast easier for babies to eat is by putting something on top of it.

The sky is really the limit! I’ve got several ideas here for you, but if you can spread it, you can use it!

Babies have very different taste buds from us, and even if you think it won’t taste good, they might. It’s always worth trying, especially if it’s something nutritionally dense. Bread makes healthy spreads easy to get into babies!

So without further ado, let’s get to those toast ideas for babies!

Toppings for Toast!

-Mashed avocado



-Almond butter (thinly spread so it isn’t a choking hazard)

-Peanut butter (thinly spread so it’s not a choking hazard)


-Spaghetti sauce

-Tomato paste/sauce (no added sodium kind is best!)

-Chia seed jam (Strawberry chia seed jam is one of our favorites!)


-Olive oil

-Black bean dip (process rinsed black beans in a food processor, add a few tablespoons of salsa if desired)

-Flaked salmon or tuna (from a can is fine, mix with a bit of greek yogurt if desired)

-Mashed banana

-Mashed egg (mix with a bit of greek yogurt if desired)


-Ricotta (or other low sodium, spreadable cheese)

When it comes to things to put on toast, there really are an infinite number of options! Do you have a favorite that I haven’t mentioned here?


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