At New Ways Nutrition, my goal is to support parents and families as they navigate the ups and downs of feeding their kids. I know that most parents are just trying to get food on the table at mealtime, and they want it to be as healthy as possible. Maybe you have a picky eater. Maybe you struggle with everyone in your family wanting different foods. Perhaps getting food on the table has become just another chore for you. Whatever it is, I'm here for you!

I focus on both WHAT to feed your kids as well as HOW to feed your kids. They're slight distinctions, but they do matter.

I take the focus off of just the different nutrients that go into healthy foods, and put it on how to build balanced meals with the focus on the actual foods. You'll never hear me advocate for any diet, as I believe in eating food that you and your family likes, not what someone tells you you should eat. 

My goal is to put the fun back in food and meal times, while helping you feel confident that what you are feeding your kids will help them be as healthy as possible throughout their life. 

Where Do I Start?

Be sure and check out the blog where I go into depth on many nutrition topics. There's also  a YouTube channel where I answer many common nutrition questions as well as demonstrate how to create balanced and safe meals for babies. If you've already checked out all of these resources and still need more individualized help, I offer one-on-one virtual nutrition coaching. Contact me for more details. 

About Renae

Renae D'Andrea MS, RDN is a dietitian who focuses on child and family nutrition. Her passion is helping parents and caregivers foster a great relationship with food in their kids, while also helping them understand the nutrition recommendations that are important, and the ones that can be thrown out the door!

She earned her Masters’ degree in Nutrition from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where her focus was childhood nutrition and how adults can influence it. Renae now lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and 2 kids as well as lots of extended family. In her spare time she loves to be active by hiking, running, and cycling with her family.

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