Parents deserve to have the knowledge and practice to be confident when feeding their children. And to become their own feeding experts!

We know HOW to prevent a lot of the common issues that come up with feeding. And we know how to do it right from the start of eating!

I’m on a mission to help parents learn how to be proactive when it comes to feeding, so they’re not left scrambling and stressed when the inevitable issues and questions come up.

New Ways Nutrition started with just courses and guides. As it grew and was able to help more and more parents, I realized how much parents also needed personalized recommendations and group support. And how that is the way for parents to truly become confident in feeding and be able to problem solve their own issues.

Feeding is a relationship between parents and children. And relationships are all about nuance!

You’ll find there are blog articles about common nutrition and feeding concerns, a podcast, Instagram, and YouTube all to help guide you. Courses and guides are available for those who want to have a go at it themselves. 

And for the parents and caregivers that are ready to put everything to work all at once with personalized help to navigate the nuances, small group coaching is there for you to truly set you and your child up with eating for life.

About Renae

I love working with families of pickier kids to help turn things around. But my true passion lies with prevention and helping parents be proactive when it comes to feeding.

From the first bite of foods and through the first couple of years of life, we have an amazing window to set the foundation for eating.

With some practice and guidance, parents are able to put systems in place to help them navigate feeding their children in a supportive and helpful way. A way that leaves them competent and joyful eaters and with a great relationship with food!

I don’t have a story about how my kids were picky eaters and I learned how to turn it all around. I was fortunate to have gotten my Master’s degree in human nutrition with a focus in child nutrition before I had kids. I learned all about the concepts that we know help kids to eat well and learn to be competent eaters.

With this knowledge and training, I knew exactly what to do when it came time to feed my kids. And I knew how to help other parents learn how to feed theirs, too. After helping thousands of parents, and hearing countless success stories, I can tell you that it works!

But it’s not because kids don’t have normal developmental picky phases. And it’s not because any other kids are better or different than your kids. It works because I have the benefit of knowing how to approach feeding and how to handle those common childhood behaviors. I know how to help children navigate through them. And I want that for you!

The importance of being well versed in feeding dynamics and the interaction between parents and children when it comes to feeding cannot be underplayed. So often we think about feeding and nutrition simply from the side of the actual food. But it’s about so much more!

By focusing on feeding dynamics, the relationship between parents and children, and the HOW of feeding, we can help children develop a great relationship with food for life. We can help them to be joyful and competent eaters as they grow. And we can reduce our own stress as parents while we’re at it.

I am on a mission to help all parents gain this knowledge! We know what to do and we know how to do it when it comes to eating! But so much of what we know isn’t passed on to parents.

Instead, parents are left to crowdsource feeding information from other parents and relatives who may have done it before. But we know so much more about feeding than we did even 20 or 30 years ago.

We know what works and what doesn’t. And unfortunately, so much of what is passed around as recommendations from well meaning parents do not help our children or us set that foundation for feeding. And if it is passed on properly? It often isn’t done in a way that helps parents actually put it into practice.

Are you ready to change that with me?

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