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Let's make feeding easier!

New Ways to think about feeding your toddler!

Feeding your toddler is a relationship. It's not black and white, but instead full of nuances, just like any relationship.

My goal is to help you learn how to apply guidelines and best practices for feeding to your own situation. To find a way of feeding that works for you, your child, and your whole family. And a way that sets your child up for a great relationship with food for life.

Have a read through the articles you'll find below for help, and check out the different ways that I am here to support you and your child on your feeding journey.

Toddler Nutrition

Learn all about what nutrients you should focus on, how to handle milk, constipation, illness, and so much more!

How to Transition Your Baby To Milk
The Best Milk for Babies After 1
The Best Foods For Toddler Constipation
Creating Balanced Meals for Toddlers

The Feeding Relationship

Get help with setting up your feeding relationship with your toddler. From schedules, to family meals and how to handle it when your toddler won't eat, and everything in between.

Toddler Portion Sizes: What to Know
How to Stop Toddler Food Throwing
Feeding Your Toddler-What You Need to Know
Sample 1 Year Old Feeding Schedule

Feeding Equipment for Toddlers

Learn about what chair you need for your toddler, how to choose cups, plates, and more.

When Should You Use a Toddler High Chair?
Best Toddler Cups
The Best Toddler Utensils
The Best Plates for Babies and Toddlers


Favorite recipes that are perfect for all ages- from the first bite through adults!

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