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Learn New Ways to think about feeding your baby!

Feeding your baby is about more than just the food!

So often, all we hear about is what to serve, how to cook or cut it to make it safe, and that's pretty much it. And while keeping our babies safe is obviously our priority, with just a few more tweaks we can set our babies up to be joyful and successful eaters, for life!

That's where the WEE Method of Feeding comes in. By focusing on Words, Experiences, and Expectations at meal times, as well as the food, we can change the entire experience. By learning what to prioritize, and how to do it, you give yourself an easy way to incorporate all the important things about feeding babies. 

It's a manageable way to approach feeding babies that goes way beyond just the food and helps set up your child for life with eating! 

Head to the WEE Method of Feeding page to learn more about how to incorporate it into your meals. And have a read through the articles you'll find below for more help, and check out the different ways that I am here to support you and your child on your feeding journey.

Baby Led Weaning and Starting Solids

Learn about how and when to start solids. For those planning to do a BLW style of feeding OR traditional weaning with purees! 

First Foods: Baby Led Weaning Style
Baby Led Weaning vs Purees: What Is Right for You?
When to Start Your Baby on Foods
How to Cut Foods for Baby Led Weaning

Baby Nutrition

Learn all about when babies can have specific foods, what nutrients you should focus on, how to handle constipation and so much more!

First Finger Foods for Baby: What Nutrients Do They Need?
How Much Should My Baby Eat?
Foods to Avoid in a Baby’s First Year
How Many Meals Should Your Baby Eat?

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation Online Course

Ready to take the first step towards a successful feeding relationship with your child? Get the Starting Solids course, which will walk you through exactly how to start feeding your baby. From what foods to prioritize, how to serve them safely, and most importantly how to behave at mealtimes. It's all there in easy to digest video lessons!

Feeding Equipment for Babies

Learn about what high chair you need for your baby, how to choose cups, plates, and so much more.

Stokke or Ikea: What’s the Best High Chair?
The Best High Chairs for Babies
The Best Plates for Babies and Toddlers
The Best Baby Cups


Favorite recipes that are perfect for all ages- from the first bite through adults!

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