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What You Need to Know About Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby is a relationship. It's not black and white, but instead full of nuances, just like any relationship. My goal is to help you learn how to apply guidelines and best practices for feeding to your own situation. To find a way of feeding that works for you, your child, and your whole family. And a way that sets your child up for a great relationship with food for life.

Have a read through the articles you'll find below for help, and check out the different ways that I am here to support you and your child on your feeding journey.

Baby Led Weaning and Starting Solids

Learn about how and when to start solids. For those planning to do a BLW style of feeding OR traditional weaning with purees! 

It's time to start your baby on solid foods! How exciting!There are lots of things to consider about what foods you will start with. But at the end of the day, if you keep just ...

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First Foods: Baby Led Weaning Style

When it comes to starting solid foods, there are so many different voices and recommendations out there! It can be so easy as a new parent to feel overwhelmed and have no clue what to ...

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Baby Led Weaning vs Purees: What Is Right for You?

Just when should you start your baby on foods? The timeline for starting solids has become a topic for debate over the last few years, but there is a clear answer and recommendation!And just to ...

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When to Start Your Baby on Foods

Are you wondering how to cut foods for Baby Led Weaning? Keep reading below as I walk you through the sizes you should be serving and give you lots of examples! This might just be the ...

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How to Cut Foods for Baby Led Weaning

Baby Nutrition

Learn all about when babies can have specific foods, what nutrients you should focus on, how to handle constipation and so much more!

When it comes to giving your baby finger foods, there are a handful of things to keep in mind. How to start finger foods, when to start offering them, and what to actually give your ...

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First Finger Foods for Baby: What Nutrients Do They Need?

One of the most common questions I get is "How much should my baby actually be eating?" New parents are understandably concerned when their baby doesn't actually eat much solid food in those first few ...

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How Much Should My Baby Eat?

As a dietitian, I take a pretty liberal approach to what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, there’s really not much that you would ever find me saying not to eat! We can come ...

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Foods to Avoid in a Baby’s First Year

So you’ve got this feeding thing underway now. Your baby has met all the developmental markers and has started to eat foods. You know how much you should be feeding them at each meal, but ...

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How Many Meals Should Your Baby Eat?

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation Online Course

Ready to take the first step towards a successful feeding relationship with your child? Get the Starting Solids course, which will walk you through exactly how to start feeding your baby. From what foods to prioritize, how to serve them safely, and most importantly how to behave at mealtimes. It's all there in easy to digest video lessons!

Feeding Equipment for Babies

Learn about what high chair you need for your baby, how to choose cups, plates, and so much more.

Curious why I'm talking specifically about these two high chairs? These two very popular high chairs have completely different price points. Is one better than the other? What should you know before buying them? I'm ...

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Stokke or Ikea: What’s the Best High Chair?

When you google the best high chairs for babies, you get all sorts of opinions. There’s talk of what is the easiest to collapse, what looks stylish in your house, how easy they are to ...

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The Best High Chairs for Babies

Just what are the best plates for babies? When you think of kid and baby plates, most of us think of divided plates. There’s no question in our brains, a kids’ plate is divided and ...

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The Best Plates for Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever wondered what the best baby cups are? Maybe you’ve asked friends and family what they have found to work? Or scoured Amazon for the best reviewed cups? Today, I’m going to talk about ...

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The Best Baby Cups


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