Stokke or Ikea: What’s the Best High Chair?

Published August 24, 2020
By Renae D'Andrea

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Curious why I'm talking specifically about these two high chairs? These two very popular high chairs have completely different price points. Is one better than the other? What should you know before buying them? I'm going into detail about it here!

I remember when I was pregnant and we were registering for all of the baby gear that we thought we would need. I spent hours researching what we wanted! It was important to me to only get things that we would use, and things that had great reviews.

As a dietitian who focuses on helping families start solid foods, you can imagine that the baby high chair we registered for was incredibly important to me. I wanted to find the absolute best high chair out there.

After lots of hemming and hawing about the price, we ended up registering for, and ultimately getting, the Stokke Tripp Trapp. We also got the Ikea Antilop high chair to have as a second high chair at my parents' house. 

After using the highchairs for a good deal of time now, I thought I would summarize their good and bad points so you don't need to re-invent the wheel when it comes time to buy a high chair. 

High Chair Basics

I look for two main things in a high chair. 

  1. It needs to be easy to clean. That means no cushions, plastic padding, nooks and crannies. I want to be able to wipe down everything! I’m pretty sure my worst nightmare around this stuff is finding crumbs in plastic crevices. Don’t ask me why! 
  2. It needs to promote good posture. It is incredibly important as you start feeding your baby that they are sitting well in their chair with their hips properly positioned and their feet on a foot rest. No slouching, slipping down, or slumping to the side. Dangling feet can be very distracting, as can overall improper posture. We want our babies to eat well, so let's set them up for success!

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Let’s start with the Stokke high chair, as this is our daily high chair.  

Is the Stokke High Chair really worth it?

I’ll get right to the gist of it. YES! 

As someone who is fairly frugal and doesn’t take big purchases lightly, you won’t find me recommending expensive things very often.

But this high chair is so worth it. To the point that we bought one for each of my kids!

I could care less about name brands, or trends, or anything like that. Something doesn’t get my recommendation unless it functions well. That’s the bottom line for all my baby purchases. So while the Tripp Trapp might theoretically be trendy for some, that is besides the point here. 

The Details

The number one thing I love about the Stokke high chair is how it positions my baby at the table.

Her hips are positioned correctly 100% of the time, her feet are firmly planted on the foot rest, and she is right at the table sitting just like us. She can’t slouch down or pull up a knee in the Tripp Trapp.

Good posture promotes good feelings around meal times. You’d be surprised at how fussy a baby that is uncomfortable in their high chair can be. That’s not a good meal time for anyone!

As a dietitian, I help people learn proper nutrition for their kids. But an even more important part of my job is helping to teach how to feed kids. In my mind the how is infinitely more important than the what when it comes to good health and a healthy relationship with food. 

This chair in and of itself is a great starting point for promoting good feelings around meal times!

It properly positions your baby and allows them to sit right at the table with you. Both infinitely important things in the how of feeding. 

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The accessories

When we originally got the Stokke high chair, we got the baby set, as well.

The Best High Chairs for Feeding | New Ways Nutrition

If I had to do it again, I would save myself the extra $30 dollars and only buy the baby set. We have never used the cushion (see #1 above!), and the tray sits in our closet and has also never been used. One of the reasons this chair is so great is because it allows your baby to be right at the table with you. The tray would defeat that purpose, and in my mind is simply not necessary. 

Baby Led Weaning and the Tripp Trapp

From a baby led weaning standpoint, this chair is ideal.  It allows you to eat with your baby, which is an important part of teaching your baby how to eat. 

It also keeps your baby secure without the use of the straps. While I’m not recommending you don’t use the harness, as all babies are different and using the straps is definitely a good safety practice, sometimes they can be a hindrance.

When babies first start eating they do tend to gag more. I like easy access to babies in case I need to intervene at all if it progresses to choking. This harness can be cumbersome to unlock and could potentially waste several precious seconds in the event intervention is needed. I like knowing that my baby is secure and can’t climb or slip out of the high chair, without the need for the straps. 


While this really doesn’t have much influence in what I think of the chair’s usefulness and my overall review, it does look very nice at our table. It has a small footprint, and doesn’t scream out baby high chair. We have the gray one, just like the rest of the chairs at the table. 

Is it really worth it to buy an expensive stokke high chair? The Stokke Tripp Trapp is much more expensive than the Ikea Antilop, does it really make a difference in feeding your baby? The answer is yes! Find out what you should be looking for when it comes to feeding your baby, and what is important to have in a high chair. Whether you are planning your baby registry of already feeding your baby, check out these important tips! #feedingtips #childnutrition #besthighchairs

A last plus

While this chair is definitely an investment, the fact that you can use it for years as your child grows is huge. We will be using this throughout our daughter's entire childhood. That means it will never turn into another baby item that your kid grows out of. You don't have to figure out how to get rid of it or store it. It’s usefulness is endless!

Ikea Antilop High Chair

The Ikea high chair is $23. I feel like that in and of itself is huge! It is unheard to find a decent, new, chair for that price. That is quite the large plus right there.