Let's help you and your child be successful with eating!

Renae D'Andrea | New Ways Nutrition

It's all about New Ways to think about feeding your child and yourself. It's more than just the food, and learning what else to prioritize for both you AND your child can make all the difference in the world!

Renae D'Andrea MS, RDN

Owner, Registered Dietitian at New Ways Nutrition

New Here?

Here are 3 ways I can help you and your family:

One-on-One Coaching

Feeding is a relationship, which means there is a lot of nuance in it! Guidelines are great, but often parents are more successful with individualized help specific to their own situation.

Digital Courses and Products

With courses for kids of all ages, digital guides and meal plans for inspiration, I've got help no matter what you're looking for!

Articles and Feeding Information

If you're looking for information about feeding your child- from starting solids all the way up to school age- there's help for you on the New Ways Nutrition website.

Praise and Testimonials

My just under 6mo is OBSESSED with food and I am so grateful for all of the amazing info you share here. I'm so grateful to have evidence backed, up to date info available through your page and blog and videos!

Jen, Mom to a 6 month old

You saved my life. I was literally riddled with anxiety for months over feeding my son solids. Wish I took your course sooner...day 3 post course completion and I get excited when it's time to feed him solids.

Mom to A 6 month old

Just want to tell you THANK YOU for all the information you share with us! I have gone from literally knowing zero about feeding babies to being the one sharing knowledge and advice from you with my friends and family members. I feel so much more confident and now I know what his job is in this partnership and I don't stress on bit when he lets me know what he wants to eat.

Mom to a Toddler

You taught me so much and in a very approachable manner that made me feel calm and at ease and less nervous. 

Miriam, mom to an 8 month old

Latest Articles

About Renae

I'm on a mission to help parents learn how to focus on the long term goals when it comes to feeding. To see the big picture, and learn how to put things in place NOW so that our kids can get there.

How we traditionally think about feeding our kids puts all the focus on the food part of the equation. And leaves so much of the rest of it out. So it's time to implement some New Ways of thinking about feeding!

From the first bite of foods and through the first several years of life, we have an amazing window to set the foundation for eating. I've spent years earning my Master's degree in nutrition, focusing on child nutrition and feeding relationships, and practicing as a registered dietitian. All with the goal of helping parents like you learn the skills and knowledge to feed your child in a way that helps set them up for life.

Let's raise a generation of kids who are body confident, don't feel the need to diet, and are confident that they know how to feed and nourish themselves for life!

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