Providing the tools
to help you trust
yourself and your child
with food

Providing the tools
to help you trust
yourself and Your child 
with food

I help you, as a parent, gain knowledge and confidence in your feeding skills by helping you understand the WHAT and HOW of feeding your kids. Trusting your instincts and what your kids are telling you when it comes to eating allows you to do what is right for YOUR family.

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Is Salt in Baby Food Okay?
As a parent of a newly-eating baby, you are likely aware of the salt in baby food that you serve. Most parents know that they should be cautious of how much salt they serve. But just how much is too much?
How Many Meals Should Your Baby Be Eating?
So you’ve got this feeding thing underway now. Your baby has met all the developmental markers and has started to eat foods. You know how much you should be feeding them at each meal, but just how often should you be feeding them? Six to Seven Months- At 6 months old, start by feeding your baby at least two meals a day. Feeding three meals isn’t a bad thing and can help with skill development. It can be quite the task between nap times and the amount of time your baby wants to sit at the table, though! So don’t feel the need to get 3 meals in every day at the beginning. (As with pretty much anything I write about, please pay attention to your baby first and foremost. These are general guidelines, but your parenting intuition rocks and you should listen to that above all else!) The Logistics It doesn’t matter what time these meals are at. The most important thing is
Help! My Baby Keeps Gagging on Their Food
A common question I receive from parents is about how much gagging is okay when a baby is first starting solid foods. While this is a hard question to answer definitively, I will try and provide a few guidelines to ease your mind. Gagging is a normal part of the learning process. A baby’s gag reflex...

About Renae

As a dietitian, how to create great relationships with children and food has always been my passion. When I had my daughter and started thinking about how to feed her I realized firsthand how harsh the mommy shaming can be. Some of the worst shaming happens around food and what you feed your kids! I felt compelled to start New Ways Nutrition to help parents build a foundation for feeding. I help parents learn how to keep their kids safe and how to prevent picky eating, while giving them the confidence to do the rest of the feeding in their own way. A way that's right for their family. 

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