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About Renae

We know HOW to prevent a lot of the common issues that come up with feeding. And we know how to do it right from the start of eating! I'm on a mission to help parents learn how to be proactive when it comes to feeding, so they're not left scrambling and stressed when the inevitable issues and questions come up.

From the first bite of foods and through the first couple of years of life, we have an amazing window to set the foundation for eating. I've spent years earning my Master's degree in nutrition, focusing on child nutrition and feeding relationships, and practicing as a registered dietitian. All with the goal of helping parents like you learn the skills and knowledge to feed your child in a way that helps set them up for life. Let's raise a generation of kids who are body confident, don't feel the need to diet, and are confident that they know how to feed and nourish themselves for life!

Renae D'Andrea | New Ways Nutrition
Renae D'Andrea | New Ways Nutrition

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