Courses and Guides

Starting Solids Course

Learn what to feed your baby, and HOW to feed it so they develop a great relationship with food as they grow.

$99.00 USD

Mastering Mealtimes Course

Learn all about how to feed your toddler or preschooler so mealtimes are enjoyable for everyone.

$99.00 USD

Kids in the Kitchen Workshop

This recorded workshop is all about helping you figure out how to get your child in the kitchen. From how to keep them occupied all the way to how to help them learn how to use sharp knives.

$45.00 USD

Grow Baby Grow Ebook

A downloadable PDF guide that focuses on all the nutrients of concern for your child, and the best foods for kids that contain each nutrient.

$19.099 USD

On-the-Go Snacks Ebook

A PDF resource full of quick and balanced snack ideas, both store bought and recipes for home made. 

$8.99 USD

Baby and Me Meal Plan

2 weeks of meals that work for the whole family, from 6 months to adults. Use it for the full 2 weeks, or just for inspiration and recipes. 

$23.00 USD

**Due to the nature of the products on our website, we are unable to offer a refund on any digital products including courses and downloads.

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