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On-the-Go Snacks E-booklet

This snack booklet is a parents' best friend!

Full of quick and easy ideas and tips that will help you build balanced and nutritious snacks for your toddler, both while on-the-go or at home. This is a guide for all of those parents who want go-to snack ideas that don't compromise on nutrition. 

It features: 

  • The basics of building a balanced snack
  • Guidance on food safety and what needs to be refrigerated
  • Tons of snack food ideas to help you build your own nutritious snacks, with a focus on quick, easy, and mess free
  • 21 pre-planned and balanced snack ideas that you can serve today! 
  • 5 recipes to help you fill your freezer with nutritious snacks that are grab and go
  • A guide to help you with what to buy when you don't have access to your freezer stash
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