Starting Solids:

Setting the Foundation

Learn how to feed your baby in a way that makes your life easier now, AND helps to set the foundation for eating for the rest of their life.

We know HOW to help kids develop a healthy relationship with food, learn how to nourish their bodies and eat the amount that is right for them as adults. But so often, that information isn’t passed on to parents. We’re not actually taught how to feed our babies!

Instead we focus on WHAT to feed. How to cut food, what to serve to meet their nutritional needs, whether we should be giving them vegetables or worried about if they’re eating them or not. Sure, that is all helpful to know, especially when you’re starting out.

But that isn’t the most important thing about feeding your baby! Even though when you constantly see that online and from friends and family, it sure seems like it is. HOW you feed your baby is the part that really matters, though. And that’s the part that most doctors and feeding experts don’t focus on!

And that's where Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation comes in!

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How to Act During Feeding Times


In Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation we'll talk about:

  • The whole first year and beyond. You'll be confident that you know what to do at the start of solid foods, how to progress as your baby becomes comfortable with eating, and how to set things in place now that will help you with feeding your child for the next 18 years!
  • How to build safe, balanced meals. Learn how to serve safe and appropriate foods to your baby, with a focus on the baby led weaning style of feeding. And learn how to make balanced meals that will help them thrive so that you can start to focus on the other aspects of building your feeding foundation. I'll walk you through it all! 
  • Feeding principles. Learning the HOW of feeding is the really important part for your child's long term feeding success, and what most people don't teach you! Learning to set the foundation now means you won't have to scramble to figure out feeding when your child becomes a toddler or preschooler, and helps them to have a healthy relationship with food as they grow.
  • Preventing picky eating issues. While we can't really prevent picky eating itself, implementing the strategies in this course from the beginning of eating will help you be confident that you know what to do when picky eating tendencies pop up. (And they will!) Setting the foundation for eating early minimizes the stress and disruption associated with picky eating behaviors, and makes feeding toddlers so much easier!

When you think about feeding babies, what comes to mind?

Mom feeding oatmeal to baby

A baby sitting in a highchair, with a tray on it, and maybe with an adult in front of them facing them? The adult might be hovering, watching what they’re eating like a hawk. 

Maybe there’s some encouragement going on, things like “oo good job, you ate the oatmeal!” Or maybe something coming from the adult to encourage them to eat just a bit more.

This is what is depicted far and wide when it comes to feeding babies. Whether it’s someone feeding using the traditional method with purees or baby led weaning!

The adult focusing intently on the child, the child with a tray away from the table, not participating in eating like the rest of the family. Needing to be coerced or praised for eating.

Some form of this is almost always what we think of when it comes to feeding babies. It’s what our parents did, it’s what our friends do, and it’s what is shown everywhere in our society.

But just because you see it everywhere doesn’t mean it’s actually the way to do it!

There are things that we can do right now, from the first bite of eating, that will actually help your child and you to navigate eating as a baby, toddler, preschooler, grade schooler. Really, all the way through adulthood!

We’re starting to see these methods taught for toddlers and preschoolers. But that’s usually happening at a point where parents are already stressing out about how their kids are eating. Worried that they aren’t eating enough, are eating too much, or are showing picky or challenging eating behaviors.

Here’s the thing. There’s absolutely no reason to wait to implement great feeding practices. If you can start to lay the foundation now, from the very first bites, you won’t have to throw everything out the door later.

You won’t settle into one way of feeding, only to have a wrench thrown into it when your child starts to assert their independence a few months or years down the road, as all kids do.

So often, feeding babies is looked at as this discrete time of their life. But it’s not separate from the rest of their eating journey. It’s the foundation! It’s the place where you as a parent and they as an eater can set in place, and practice, habits that will see you through the rest of their childhood.

The beginning of eating is hands down the best time to learn what you can do as the adult to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food as they grow. And what you can do to minimize and navigate any issues that might occur as they become toddlers and preschoolers.

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

That’s exactly what we do in Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation!

Learn how to set up feeding so that your baby will thrive now and in the future

It’s not about helping if there’s something wrong or your baby isn’t responding as expected to starting foods, although it will do that.

It’s about teaching you all the things you don’t even know you need to know to be proactive with feeding. To set that foundation so that no matter what comes up in the future, your feeding practices are sound and will help you navigate feeding as your child grows with so much less stress!

Get instant access to Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation now!

Get instant access to the full course, right now. With...

  • videos that are short, captioned, and easy to digest
  • a fully mobile experience. Watch while feeding your baby or putting them to sleep!
  • handouts and fridge lists to help guide you through the process
  • videos of babies eating to help show you what is normal and how you can help your baby with eating
  • tried and true strategies to help guide your baby through this new adventure!

You'll have everything you need to be confident starting your baby on solids AND helping to set their feeding foundation for life.

Be proactive when it comes to your child's feeding, and learn how to minimize and address feeding issues before they even happen!

What parents are saying:

"It's one thing to read about the concept of Baby-Led Weaning"

I feel like this course gave me practical ideas for how to approach feeding. It's one thing to read about the concept of baby-led weaning, but I had a knowledge gap for how to put it into action; this course helped me bridge that gap!

JM (Mom to a 5 month old)

“I wanted to do BLW but had no clue where to start or how to do it safely. Starting Solids answered my questions.”

 It gave me both confidence and took away my anxiety allowing me to enjoy the process of my son learning how to eat. I now know what tools to have and why. I know what foods to start with and how to serve them. It equipped me with the mentality.

Julie   (Mom)

"I would have loved to hear this before we started solid foods"

I highly recommend this course to new parents. It takes anxiety out of starting solids with your little one and gives you confidence to let them take the lead in trying new foods. I would have loved to hear this before we started solid foods. I wish I took it before feeding my son solids not a couple of months after!   

JB   (Mom to a 10 month old)

“Our 8 month old eats anything and everything with enthusiasm!”

Taking this course helped to simplify an originally intimidating concept! It helped me to feel much more confident in feeding my babes AND making sure he was getting the balanced nutrition he needs. Mealtimes are highlights of our days, and we feel great about the approach to teaching him to eat and how successful he has been.

Krissy   (Mom to an 8 month old)

What’s waiting for you inside 

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

Created by dietitian and mom, Renae D’Andrea, Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation is the go-to resource for 1000s of parents around the world. 

The course is completely video based, fully captioned, and easily accessible on mobile.

Starting Solids is 3 units long, and walks you through everything you need to know about starting your baby with foods and helping them thrive with eating. Within each unit, the lessons are broken down to only 10-20 minute videos. It's easy to squeeze around your schedule!

In addition to the video lessons, you'll also get exclusive handouts and food lists to help you build balanced plates, introduce allergens, and share with your loved ones the important points of this style of feeding. This course has it all! 


Unit 1: Set the Structure

Simplify Your Setup 1

Learn how to set up mealtimes so they’re successful for everyone involved and help you to meet your long-term feeding goals. You’ll know what gear you need, how to clean up the mess, and the habits that make family meal time fun. Plus, get clear guidance on exactly what to do at mealtimes to prevent issues down the road.


Unit 2: Plan the Nutrients

Keep It Safe | New Ways Nutrition

Discover my easy system for serving your baby a balanced meal and ensuring that they get the nutrients they need to thrive. Learn how to best serve foods to avoid choking issues with examples to show you the right texture and shape of foods. Plus, understand how to handle common food allergens, deal with milk, sugar, salt, and all the other common food concerns parents have. We'll get you confident with the food part of feeding so that you can focus on HOW to feed!


Unit 3: Individualize the Experience

Push Their Skills | New Ways Nutrition

No two babies are exactly alike. Learn the cues that show your little one is ready to start solids. Know how to push their skills based on what you’re seeing, and how you should change your feeding strategy as your baby grows and becomes more confident with eating and gets closer to toddlerhood. You'll learn how to manage your own expectations, and focus on those long-term goals for feeding!

Meet the dietitian behind the program

Hi, I’m Renae!

So many different resources make starting solids more complicated (and more rigid) than it needs to be! 

That’s why as a registered dietitian and a mom of 2, my passion is helping parents learn how to start their baby off on the right foot when it comes to food, and to do it in a way that works for their own family. 

There are so many things we can do when it comes to the early days and months of feeding to help set our child's foundation for feeding that will help them for life. But these strategies aren't often shared with parents!

I'm on a mission to change that, and to arm parents with the knowledge and strategies they need to make feeding successful, and so much less stressful. Now and as their child's entire childhood!

1000s of parents credit Starting Solids:Setting the Foundation with their confidence to try baby-led feeding

Here’s what three new parents have to say...

"The course provides great practical tips"

I found the course to be incredibly helpful and clear. The course contains the most up-to-date information that aligns with the latest recommendations on starting solids. Most importantly, it provides great practical tips that will help parents ensure that their baby is getting exposed to a wide variety of nutritious foods in a safe manner.

LA (Mom to a 6 month old)

"it's all in one place"

The course provides helpful visuals and practical examples on how to get started feeding your baby solids. I loved that it combined guidance on safety, responsive feeding, development and nutrition all in one place.

SM (Mom to a 10 month old)

"I feel much more informed and confident about how to start"

This was a great, easy to follow, informative course. The handouts and additional videos are wonderful! I feel much more informed and confident about how to start a baby led feeding approach and what to do to prepare. 

NP (Mom)

Let’s change the narrative on feeding our kids!

It doesn’t have to be stressful. Feeding babies and toddlers doesn’t have to be a huge source of worry and concern for us as parents. But in order for that to happen, you need the resources and knowledge to feed your baby in a way that will help further your goals. To learn how to minimize and address issues BEFORE they even happen.

In Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation You'll Get:

All this for just 


Easy to follow video lessons

Exclusive handounts

Research-based guidance, as well as guidance based on years of experience guiding parents with setting a solid foundation for feeding

The confidence and knowledge that you're setting your child up with eating for life!

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