Feeding Toddlers Can Be Tricky!

Learn the strategies that can help you go from stressed and unsure to confident that you can navigate whatever your toddler throws at you.

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It doesn't have to be stressful!

Everywhere you look, feeding toddlers is depicted as something that is incredibly hard and a huge source of stress for parents. Something that is just to be expected, and something to get through. But feeding your toddler doesn’t have to be that way! Pretty much all kids will experience picky behaviors at some point. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t A LOT you can do about it.

And that's where the online course Mastering Mealtimes comes in!

We know exactly what to do to help both you and your toddler navigate this time in feeding. The problem is, that isn’t usually passed on to parents. So you’re left to suffer through the stress of feeding your child, instead of learning how to work with the normal developmental behaviors that we expect to see in toddlers. 

Learning what to expect and how to navigate it is the key to feeding not being quite as hard. 

It doesn’t mean that those toddler behaviors disappear. We’re not magic! It means that you learn how to navigate them so it FEELS like they disappear, and no longer have the power to control your life and your meals.

Learn how to navigate toddler mealtimes without all that stress!

Nutrition vs HOW you feed

When it comes to feeding toddlers, so often we focus on the nutrition side of it. It’s a tangible thing, so it makes sense! If they will just eat that veggie, it will turn the page and we’ll be on our way. If you can just find that one recipe that they will love, they will all of the sudden see what they’ve been missing, change all of their behaviors and you’ll be on your way to an amazing eater with no issues. If only it worked that way.

THe end product Isn't what we need to focus on

Instead of focusing on the end product- what food they actually eat and how much of it they are or aren’t getting, it’s important to focus on your feeding relationship with them and feeding dynamics.

Feeding Dynamics and Your Feeding Relationship

Feeding dynamics and your feeding relationship  are what compromise the HOW of feeding your toddler. Learning the HOW of feeding is what is going to make all the difference in your mealtimes!

Focus on the HOW

Helping your child to eat the amount that they need almost NEVER comes without focusing on the how of feeding. And the HOW of feeding is so often not talked about when it comes to feeding our toddlers. It's not about the food, as much as that would be easier!

Feeding kids is not really about nutrition. Even though so often it seems like it is with how much people talk about it. Feeding kids is about the big picture.

It’s about how you can put things into place that will work for your family and actually help to raise kids who have a healthy relationship with food, get enjoyment from eating, and are able to nourish themselves with the amount of food their body needs without needing to constantly be dieting or afraid of foods

Raising people who are competent eaters is the name of the game! 

It’s not about having a toddler who takes one bite of their veggie at a meal. That's a short term result that doesn't make much long term difference. It’s about raising that kid who as an adult will actively choose to include all food groups in their diet, including veggies, because they enjoy them.

The Secret to Mealtimes

So just what is it that you need to focus on to help your toddler with eating now and for the rest of their life?

Focus on setting up mealtimes that are conducive to eating.

Learn how to respond to your child in a way that furthers the goal of being a competent eater, without the traditional controlling feeding practices

Learn what your child actually needs to thrive when it comes to eating.

That’s the secret sauce. Combining all of these helps you to feed your child in a way that lowers your stress and helps them to thrive now and as they grow.

Feeding With the Big Picture in Mind

Feeding in a way that focuses on the big picture goals you have for your child and not just an individual meal or phase isn’t about a quick fix. It’s a whole different style of feeding than what we are used to hearing about in our society. 

Changing one thing, one tip or trick that you see here or there isn’t going to all of the sudden make everything better. It’s about learning a whole new way of approaching feeding.

Which can seem daunting at first, I know. But with a bit of practice and guidance, it really can become second nature! With payoffs that are well worth it. And that's where Mastering Mealtimes comes in!

Here's What You'll Learn in Mastering Mealtimes

In the course, you’ll learn how to respond and handle whatever your child throws at you. Whether you have a child who you would consider to be picky, or simply a new toddler who is starting to assert their independence around eating.

And you’ll learn how to do it in a way that will support them, reduce your stress, and help to raise your child in a way that gives them a healthy relationship with food and helps them to become eating competent.

You can't prevent picky eating behaviors. They are a normal developmental process that will vary in intensity across kids! But you can learn how to navigate them and how to help your child through them while keeping your long term goals in mind.

Module 1: The Feeding Relationship

Feeding kids is about so much more than what food you put on the table. Discover your role in the feeding relationship vs your toddler’s role. Plus, reflect on how your personal relationship with food may influence your own behaviors around mealtime.

Module 2: The Mealtime Reset

Get ready to reset mealtimes! Learn practical strategies that give you specific steps to enjoy stress-free family meals. Finish this module knowing all about schedules, boundaries, and behaviors.

Module 3: The Nutritional Needs

Feel confident you’re serving meals that fulfill your child’s nutritional needs. Nutrition may not be the most important thing for feeding kids, but mastering it can help to reduce your stress and allow you to focus on the HOW of feeding. Learn all about what to serve to your toddler to help them thrive. Know how to handle drinks, salt, snacks, and desserts. Plus, I’ll show you how to plan meals for a whole month in just a few minutes.

Module 4: The Table Behaviors

Realistic strategies to manage frustrating behaviors. Watch this module if mealtimes are often the most stressful part of your day. Learn positive ways to manage food throwing, power struggles, refusals, and all the other shenanigans that toddlers toss your way instead of eating their food.

Start Mastering Mealtimes today for just $99!

What Parents Are Saying About Mastering Mealtimes

I’m now focused on the long-term goal of helping my kid develop a healthy relationship with food. 

My biggest struggle involved my mindset around eating. I would stress out at every meal (that's 5x a day!), watching my toddler like a hawk and finding ways to sneak food into her mouth. I worried about if she was getting in enough calories in the short-term, and in the long-term, if she'd become picky.

I am WAY less stressed, WAY more confident. I'm intentional with letting go of control and letting my kid take over her areas of responsibility. I tell myself I do my best and let the rest go.

Jerika - Mom to a toddler

One of the most reassuring and informative things I’ve got in my mom toolkit!

This course was a gold mine of information - honestly, I’ve already recommended it to most of my mom friends! Renae covers conceptual ideas about the approach to food and practical tips I didn’t know were important.


I cannot explain enough how life-changing and empowering this course is!

Krissy - Mom to a toddler

Mastering Mealtimes is for you if you:

Are a parent or caregiver of a child 12 months to 5 years

The strategies are the same for kids of all ages! But this course focuses specifically on the younger set with actionable, age-appropriate strategies for toddlers no matter where they are with eating- really picky, or just starting to have an opinion about eating.

Are ready to be proactive in feeding

The earlier we can put productive strategies in place, the better! Being proactive with your child's eating can reduce stress exponentially. Don't wait to address how you feed until you start to see major issues.

It's never too late to address feeding concerns. But the earlier you set a strong foundation for feeding, the better!

Want your child to have a healthy relationship with food

It's easy to understand why nutrition is a focus, it's pretty black and white. It's harder to see why we want to focus on growing competent eaters who have a healthy relationship with food. If you're ready to work on the HOW of feeding, this is for you!

Are ready for a mindset shift!

Focusing on the HOW of feeding isn't something that mainstream parenting advice and how many of us grew up encourages. Learning how to feed our kids using this method is all about changing our mindsets, and learning how to address things in a new way.

Learn through a registered dietitian and feeding expert with short captioned videos that you can watch with the sound off! Use the accompanying work book, pressure-free phrases guide, and a swipe file of my favorite family recipes to take action with everything you learn in the video modules. Get started focusing on HOW to feed in a way that works for your family.

Go from stressed and unsure at mealtimes to confident that you can navigate whatever your toddler throws at you!

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About Renae

As a registered dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping parents learn how to start their child off on the right foot when it comes to food and mealtimes.

So often, we're just left to fend for ourselves when it comes to feeding our kids. To piece together strategies and responses, and to deal with the fallout when they don't have the intended effect.

But we know exactly what to do to help your and your child navigate mealtimes. That information is just not being passed on to parents, and I'm here to change that!

I have a firm belief that by focusing on feeding dynamics, the relationship between parents and children, and the HOW of feeding, we can help children develop a great relationship with food for life. Mealtimes don't have to be stressful, and feeding our kids doesn't have to be this hard. It's time to realign our goals and how we achieve them, and start making mealtimes easier!

It's Time for a New Way to Feed Kids!

So often when parents start to see picky tendencies, they respond by putting into place traditional strategies that actually make things worse!

Maybe their toddler who used to eat everything now doesn’t want to eat the same things, or is starting to throw tantrums at the table. No matter how the behaviors are manifesting, traditional feeding practices that often involve control, shame, and pressure make it worse!

But they're hard to escape! We see them so often if you go to friends and family for help. They more often than not have a traditional response to solving it, too.

I even see it in well meaning parents who try to help others by sharing what worked for them in comments on social media. Most people are focused on the short term solution to something like just getting their child to try one bite of veggies. Or to eat what they’re given.

Maybe they’ve seen a bit of this newer way of feeding kids, but they often don’t actually understand how to fully implement it. So the tips that get passed around don’t work, parents end up with feeding concerns that get worse, or they end up sacrificing their long term goals for the short term ones.

And those short term ones, like eating a vegetable, don’t actually have any appreciable impact on their child’s health or feeding habits!

It’s an endless cycle that makes feeding our kids seem hard, stressful, and never ending. And it’s something that I’m determined to help change!

Let's set our kids up with a great relationship with food for life!

Frequently asked questions

My child will only eat a handful of foods. Will this help?

Yes and no.

Mastering Mealtimes includes many of the same strategies that feeding therapists use to help the pickiest of eaters. These strategies will set the foundation for all families, even those with the pickiest of eaters.

Some families will need more hands-on, one-on-one help for their child to work through some of their trickier eating behaviors, which the course doesn't provide.

How long will I get access to Mastering Mealtimes?

As long as the course is around (which will be a long time!) you'll have access to it. Come back to it time and again to revisit the strategies and troubleshoot what is happening with your child's eating.

Can I find this information for free?

If you tried to piece it all together online, I'm sure you could. But remember, it's not about the black and white of food and nutrition. It's the big picture strategies and how to put all of them together to help make feeding easier.

When you piece together the information from the advice you gather across the internet, you're very likely to miss the big picture, and make things harder instead of easier! You may learn balanced meal ideas, or even how to stay calm when dealing with epic dinner table tantrums, or even why it’s a great idea to let your child lead the way.

What you won’t learn is how fitting these together in a certain, developmentally appropriate way creates a solid foundation for happier mealtimes.

Mastering Mealtimes gives it to you all in one place. Through an easily digestible and comprehensive format based on research, years of experience, and tested by the hundreds of parents who have used the program to raise a toddler who has a great relationship with food.

Can you tell me exactly what to feed my child?

Unfortunately, feeding doesn’t work that way.

Our role in the feeding relationship is to provide opportunities to eat, and a child’s role is to decide how much and what they eat. And doing that is one of the main things we focus on inside Mastering Mealtimes.

You'll also get help with how to easily plan balanced meals and help your child meet their nutritional needs, and how to navigate those while focusing on the how of feeding.

What is included in the course?

You'll get instant access to hours of short, captioned videos, a workbook, and several handouts. 

There is no live component to this course, as I want you to be able to do it as fast or as slow as you want. There is space below each lesson to ask follow-up clarifying questions. 

There is no associated facebook group, as many group settings actually make feeding more complicated! Advice from other people in them, while well-meaning, is more often than not counter to the principles that we're working on learning and practicing.

If you do better with a more personalized approach and guidance, I encourage you to sign up for small group coaching. After purchasing the course, if you decide that you would like to upgrade to small group coaching, you can simply email me.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for Mastering Mealtimes and here’s why:

- The content is based on years of work as a registered dietitian
- It’s proven in the home of 100s of parents
- Months and months of work (years, really) have gone into creating this program
- When you finish the course, you’ll be well prepared (and actually enjoy sitting down to family meals). That alone is more than worth the $99 investment.

If you’re ready to learn how to raise a competent eater with a healthy relationship with food, reduce your stress around mealtimes, and help your child navigate those typical toddler eating behaviors, join me!

Buy now for $99

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