Make Sitting Down to Meals the Best Part of Your Day!

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Ready to master mealtimes?

With all the effort you’re putting in to serve up all those different food choices just so you can fulfill your toddler’s nutritional needs, you deserve to enjoy eating as a family.

That’s why if you’ve been trying to…

...stay patient when your toddler refuses another carefully cooked dinner (even after your hours of researching tasty toddler meals)

...keep calm when food ends up everywhere except for your little one’s mouth (while trying to ignore the totally normal, but slightly stressful messy behaviors) 

…not give up while presenting a food over and over again (even though you want to ask everyone,“Why won’t my child eat?”)

...minimize your concern that your toddler is turning into a picky eater (and find yourself resorting to using distractions and rewards to to get them to eat)

You may be wondering, “What’s it going to take to enjoy sitting as a family for meals?”

Keep reading. And let me, a registered dietitian and childhood nutrition expert, show you a simple way to begin.

But first, there’s something I need to tell you...

As parents, our role is to provide food and opportunities for toddlers to eat

Our role in the feeding relationship is not to force our kids to eat

Often the more you push your toddler to eat, the more they refuse and the more food they throw! Sometimes this refusal can make parents wonder if they’re doing something wrong that’s turning their child into a picky eater. 

The truth is, picky eating is a developmentally normal stage that kids go through. Young children often refuse to eat, prefer to stick with their favorite foods, or throw food.

These behaviors are how they’re establishing independence and figuring out the world.

Kids have an internal drive to eat that parents don’t have to teach them. Usually if we get out of their way, they’ll figure out how much and what they want to eat (within the confines of what they’re offered.) 

By staying focused on your role in the feeding relationship, parents can help a young child move on from their picky eating behaviors and foster lifelong, healthy mealtime habits.

Picture how relaxed mealtimes could be if you knew how to...

  • Identify what level of pickiness is to be expected
  • Be persistent at offering healthy foods
  • Expand your toddler’s diet
  • Keep meal planning simple with everyday foods
  • Keep meals from ending with food flying through the air

….even better, you’d do all this with total confidence.

And that’s where Mastering Mealtimes comes in. 


Mastering Mealtimes

Mastering Mealtimes is a one-stop program for parents ready to enjoy family mealtimes… you can go from frustrated line-chef trying to serve up alllll the foods in an effort to make your toddler eat their meal rather than throwing it on the floor to finally experiencing relaxed family mealtimes.

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If you want to feel better about feeding your toddler, this is the program you need

Created by dietitian and mom, Renae D’Andrea, Mastering Mealtimes provides you with the expert guidance needed to form the entire foundation for feeding your toddler so they actually eat that amount of food their body needs. Hint: It might be a lot less than you think!

Here’s an overview of the three key areas we’ll focus on throughout the program’s modules, so you can complete the program knowing how to:

Foster A Healthy Relationship With Food

Everyone comes to the kitchen with their own experiences with food. Learn how to notice your own beliefs around food that may be influencing your child’s behaviors. Plus, discover the simple things you can do to ensure your child develops a healthy relationship with food.

Identify Your Role In The Feeding Relationship

Understand your role as a parent when it comes to food versus the role of your toddler. Learn how to create a schedule, manage table behaviors, and other nutritionist strategies that’ll set your family up for mealtime success. Plus, learn age-appropriate ways to deal with challenging toddler behavior at the table.

Follow A Simple Meal Planning System

No more relying on the same 3 recipes that your child will eat. Learn the exact meal planning system I use to feed my kids that makes meal planning for a whole month a breeze. Plus you’ll know how to determine if your child is getting the right nutrients based on the recipes you follow.

What else is waiting for you inside
Mastering Mealtimes?

When you sign up for Mastering Mealtimes, you’ll get instant access to the course materials. They’re divided into four easy-to-consume video modules with subtitles so you can learn with the sound off.


Module 1: The Feeding Relationship

Feeding our kids is about so much more than what food you put on the table. Discover your role in the feeding relationship vs your toddler’s role. Plus, reflect on how your personal relationship with food may influence your own behaviors around mealtime.


Module 2: The Mealtime Reset

Get ready to reset mealtimes! Learn practical strategies that give you specific steps to enjoy stress-free family meals. Finish this module knowing all about schedules, boundaries, and behaviors.


Module 3: The Nutritional Needs

Feel confident you’re serving meals that fulfill your child’s nutritional needs. Learn all about how much (and what) toddlers need to eat to thrive. Know how to handle drinks, salt, snacks, and desserts. Plus, I’ll show you how to plan meals for a whole month in just a few minutes.


Module 4: The Table Behaviors

Realistic strategies to manage frustrating behaviors. Watch this module if mealtimes are often the worst part of your day. Learn positive ways to manage food throwing, power struggles, refusals, and all the other shenanigans that toddlers toss your way instead of eating their food.


Three bonuses to make mealtimes frustration-free

Get THREE bonus resources to help reduce the stress of mealtimes. 

Bonus 1
Recipe Swipe File For Balanced Meals

Get hours of research time back with access to a file of my favorite, reliable family recipes. Feel better knowing exactly how to prepare delicious, balanced meals that fulfill nutritional requirements for both adults and kids.

Bonus 2
Pressure-Free Phrases Guide

Use the phrases within this helpful guide to take the pressure out of eating. Instead of saying, “You have to eat one more bite of dinner” or any other number of these common “pressure statements,” you’ll discover simple things you can say so food can just stay food, and no longer viewed as bad, good, or out of bounds.

Bonus 3
Mealtime Conversation Cards

Model relaxed table behavior through fun and meaningful discussions that keep kids engaged during mealtime. Plus, chatting about ‘stuff’ rather than food helps subtly shift children’s focus from their plates.

Start Mastering Mealtimes today!

Dedicate a few short chunks of time to this program, and you’ll feel confident you’ve got the knowledge you need to solve your current mealtime challenges... 

...whether that’s a toddler who doesn’t seem to want to eat anything you prepare, a little one who enjoys food throwing more than they enjoy eating, or you’re simply looking for an easier solution to create balanced meals.

Learn through…

A registered dietitian

Rest easy knowing you’re receiving up-to-date information taught by an expert who specializes in childhood nutrition and adaptable solutions!

Short, captioned videos you can watch with the sound off

I’ll model how to meal plan for a month in just a few minutes, how to ensure your child is getting enough to thrive, how to find a mealtime approach that works for your family, and much more!

An easy-to follow workbook

Use the workbook to take action with everything you learn within the video modules. The prompts inside will help you bring the new ideas into your mealtime routines.

...and three bonus resources to help mealtimes feel more relaxed. Enjoy a recipe swipe file for balanced meals, the pressure-free phrases guide, and the mealtime conversation cards. 

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Hundreds of families are now sitting down to calmer mealtimes

Here's what two moms had to say...


Mom to a toddler

“I’m now focused on the long-term goal of helping my kid develop a healthy relationship with food.”

My biggest struggle involved my mindset around eating. I would stress out at every meal (that's 5x a day!), watching my toddler like a hawk and finding ways to sneak food into her mouth. I worried about if she was getting in enough calories in the short-term, and in the long-term, if she'd become picky.

I am WAY less stressed, WAY more confident. I'm intentional with letting go of control and letting my kid take over her areas of responsibility. I tell myself I do my best and let the rest go.


Mom to a toddler

“One of the most reassuring and informative things I’ve got in my mom toolkit!”

This course was a gold mine of information - honestly, I’ve already recommended it to most of my mom friends! Renae covers conceptual ideas about the approach to food and practical tips I didn’t know were important. I cannot explain enough how life-changing and empowering this course is!

Read the 5 signs Mastering Mealtimes is precisely what your family needs...


You’re a parent of a toddler between 1 to 5 years of age


Terrible mealtime behavior is your family’s new normal


Ignoring the behavior isn’t working for you, but you’re trying to be relaxed and stay calm


You’re trying a variety of foods, but your toddler just doesn’t seem interested in eating


Rewards, treats, positive reinforcement, and routines don’t seem to make your little one any happier or hungrier

If you find yourself nodding along while thinking, “I hate dinner time,” then Mastering Mealtimes is the program you need to break these patterns for good.

Sign up to experience the “Better Family Mealtimes” guarantee

Pop in your headphones and watch the Mastering Mealtimes videos right away.

Use the meal planning system. Listen to the pre-recorded Q&A sessions.

There are no refunds for Mastering Mealtimes. It’s based on years of work as a dietitian and proven in the home of families around the world.

Instead, my guarantee is simple: Family mealtime behavior will be better because you’ll have the strategies you need to address tricky behaviors confidently.

Trying to figure out how to make mealtimes pleasant just got simpler

Learn everything you need to know right now to end mealtime drama with your toddlers (and feel confident they’re getting the nutrients needed to thrive).

 Buy now for $99

Meet the dietitian behind the program
Hey, I'm Renae

As a dietitian and a mom, I have a passion for helping parents learn how to start their child off on the right foot when it comes to food. 

So many different resources out there make it more complicated than it needs to be!

When I set out to start feeding my daughter and immersed myself in all the different recommendations that are out there on the internet, I realized how many of those recommendations could hinder, instead of help, a parent's desire to feed their child well.

Every family is different and has different needs. 

But I'm here to help lend you support and give you the knowledge you need to trust in your choices!

Renae D'Andrea | New Ways Nutrition

Let me pass the mic to a few Mastering Mealtimes alumni

“I’m not putting pressure on myself or my toddler anymore.”

I don’t try to do anything to get him to eat anymore. Instead, if he doesn’t eat, I wait a few hours and offer food again.


Mom to a toddler

“I have more confidence in meal planning now.”

After watching your meal examples, I now have the confidence I’m on the right track.


Mom to a 15-month old

Get ready to reclaim family mealtimes

Mastering Mealtimes is the keep-it-simple resource you’ll use to finally trade “trying all the things” for “trusting that your child will eat.”

Questions you might be asking yourself


Yes and no.

Mastering Mealtimes includes many of the same strategies that feeding therapists use to help the pickiest of eaters. These strategies will set the foundation for all families, even those with the pickiest of eaters. 

Some families will need more hands-on, one-on-one help for their child to work through some of their trickier eating behaviors, which the course doesn't provide.


You’re not alone with that feeling. I hear this from parents all the time.

It’s so tough when you try one thing, and then it just creates another problem (e.g., offering a reward for eating broccoli.) I promise you that Mastering Mealtimes is a judgment-free space to learn the foundation of creating balanced meals that help kids thrive.


Enjoy 24 months of access to this course as your go-to resource for feeding your toddler with confidence.


You sure can, but you’re missing out on the big picture when you piece together the information from the advice you gather across the internet. You may learn balanced meal ideas, or even how to stay calm when dealing with epic dinner table tantrums, or even why it’s a great idea to let your child lead the way.

What you won’t learn is how fitting these together in a certain, developmentally appropriate way creates a solid foundation for happier mealtimes.

Mastering Mealtimes gives it to you all in one place. Through an easily digestible and comprehensive format based on research, years of experience, and tested by the hundreds of parents who have used the program to raise a toddler who has a great relationship with food.


Unfortunately, feeding doesn’t work that way.

Our role in the feeding relationship is to provide opportunities to eat, and a child’s role is to decide how much and what they eat.

That’s why inside Mastering Mealtimes, I can give you a framework that helps you figure out how to provide balanced meals for your child while still listening to their needs.


There are no refunds for Mastering Mealtimes and here’s why:

- The content is based on years of work as a registered dietitian
- It’s proven in the home of 100s of parents
- Months and months of work (years, really) have gone into creating this program
- When you finish the course, you’ll be well prepared (and actually enjoy sitting down to family meals). That alone is more than worth the $99 investment.

Questions answered and ready to join Mastering Mealtimes?

Sign Up Today To Start Feeling Better About Mealtimes With Your Toddler!

Instantly access the on-demand video training and resources inside the program and learn how to...

  • foster a healthy relationship with food
  • simplify your meal prep and planning
  • identify your role as a parent in the feeding relationship
  • age-appropriate ways to deal with less than desirable table behavior
  • answer the common “Is this normal?” questions
  • support your child through their developmentally appropriate picky eating
  • prepare balanced meals the whole family will enjoy
  • determine if your toddler is getting the proper nutrients
  • use simple strategies to take the pressure out of eating
  • make mealtime feel fun again

...and much, much more.

Sign up today to learn the foundational system that now has hundreds of other families enjoying more relaxed mealtimes with their toddlers.

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