Looking for more one-on-one help?

Just want some questions answered? Or is your family in need of some specific, in-depth help when it comes to your child's, or your own, eating? No matter what you're looking for, I can help!

What I do

Learning what to feed our children is important. But learning how to feed them is vital.

You can find all the recipes you want online. Some of them your baby or toddler might even enjoy! But they won't solve the problem. Figuring out what to feed your child is a skill we all need, and meals need to be quick and easy to accomplish. And most importantly of all, YOU need to enjoy them!

And all that needs to be accompanied by help with how to actually do the feeding! How to sit, what to say, how to avert disasters and tantrums, and set your child up with a healthy relationship with food for life. 

Learning about the how of feeding is the number one thing you can do to help your child. Sometimes that even means getting help for your own eating so you can help your child learn to be a successful eater who has a good relationship with food. And getting some one-on-one help can be the quickest way to set yourself up on the right path.


Types of Coaching Available

Ask Me Anything Session

Get some of your questions answered. A 30 minute session for you to pick my brain and get some quick help with feeding at any age.

1 Hour Long Coaching Session

Have ongoing problems or need help troubleshooting something that's happening during meals? This is for you. Includes detailed intake form to help get to the bottom of things, as well as mealtime observations done via video recording.

Coaching Sessions Package

When you have a feeding goal in mind, having on-going support from an expert can make all the difference in your success. This package includes a detailed initial session, and 3 follow-up sessions to help you reach your goals.

All of the coaching sessions can focus on a specific child, you, or your family in general. From experience, parents make the most progress with feeding when they are willing to address the entire mealtime situation in the house. That means kids, parents, and everything that it involves! 

That DOESN'T mean food rules, should's, musts or anything along those lines. It means addressing HOW you eat, how a partner eats, how your kids eat, and how the structure of the house is set up. Don't let that overwhelm you, though. I'm here to help you get to the bottom of it all, and help food and mealtimes be ENJOYABLE for both you AND your kids! 

How Coaching with Renae Works

01 Choose the Appointment

Choose what type of appointment will best fit your family's needs and purchase it below. Make an appointment at the link you will receive via email.

02 Share the Problem

For appointments of an hour or longer, you will receive a Family Feeding Information form that allows you to communicate any issues you are having and areas you would like to work on with me.

03 A Video is Worth More Than 1000 Words!

For sessions of an hour or longer you will receive instructions for recording and sharing 1-2 meal times. While this isn't mandatory, it often provides a great deal of insight into areas to work on. Get expert eyes on what's happening to truly get to the bottom of them.

04 Let's Get Down to Business

Feeding is never black and white. There are so many gray areas depending on your own specific needs and situation. Work through them with me and get everyone on the right path with feeding!


Coaching Session Prices

Ask Me Anything

30 minutes long

Choose the topic(s) of your choice

Ideal for parents and caregivers who want general information about starting solids, toddler eating, and implementing the Division of Responsibility


Coaching Sessions Package

1-60 minute appointment, 3-45 minute follow-up appointments

Everything in the 1 hour coaching session, plus ongoing support to troubleshoot and implement the strategies discussed

Do best with more support and assistance? Know that it won't be a quick fix issue? This is for you!


1 Hour Long Coaching Session

60 minutes long

Video mealtime analysis

Guided by your family feeding questionnaire and any concerns you may have

Perfect for families who want help with specific questions or concerns about feeding their children of any age 


Need More Info?

Not sure what is best for your situation?

If you aren't sure what will help the most, send us a message and we'll help you decide. 

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