Baby (0-4 Months) Gift Guide

Last updated March 8, 2023
By Renae D'Andrea

When it comes to holiday gifts for your young baby, there are lots of options. Most of them tend to be around clothes and things for their nursery! This list still includes toys, but they're ones that will specifically help to get your baby ready to start solids!

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  1. Starter teether: My favorite teether to get them started practicing putting things in their mouth. Teethers help to desensitize their mouth and help them learn to chew in their molar areas!
  2. Teether spoon: This one functions as a teether before they start solids, and then a usable spoon with food.
  3. Next step teether: Once they've got the first two teethers down, this one will add in some additional textures and length to keep getting them ready for solids.
  4. Banana teether: Another similar option once they've had a bit of experience with teethers.
  5. Teether stuffie: Keeping with the teether motif, this baby toy has silicone pieces that allow them to chew on them and continue getting their mouth used to different textures.
  6. High chair: Planning ahead and getting your high chair squared away is never a bad idea. This is hands down my favorite high chair that positions your baby correctly and allows them to actually focus on eating. 
  7. Newborn set for high chair: Getting your baby up to the table and experiencing family meals with you right from the start has never been easier. It's a great way to include them in meals before they're ready to eat.
  8. Silicone cup: Just like the spoons, this cup functions as a toy before they start solids and an actual cup once they start. The silicone gives them something to chew on, and giving a cup to play with is a great way to allow your baby to explore it before there's liquid in it. Then they're used to it when they start, and already have figured out by themselves to put their lip to the edge.
  9. Textured silicone cup: Another great option for a functional silicone cup for your baby.
  10. Play gym: This baby gym is a great option to help your child develop grasping and core strength, both vital for starting solids!
  11. Grasping toy: Another great toy to help your baby practice their gnawing and grasping skills.
  12. Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation: I can't have a baby gift list without including this! A great option to help you learn what to serve your baby to keep them safe and get them the nutrients they need, and more importantly to help you learn HOW to feed them in a way that will help them develop a great relationship with food and make mealtimes fun for your whole family.

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