Toddler Gift Guide

Last updated March 8, 2023
By Renae D'Andrea

When it comes to holiday gifts for your toddler, it can be really hard to narrow down your options! There are so many things out there.

This list focuses on things that are food and kitchen related to give you some ideas of gifts your toddler might enjoy that can also be really useful for you going forward.

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Play Food and Kitchen Toys

Parents' Gift Guide

Toddler holiday gift guide pictures
Toddler holiday gift guide pictures
  1. Kitchen helper: This is the most used thing in our kitchen! My kids stand at it to help cook, play at the counter while I cook, eat snack, and so much more. It's my number one recommendation for kids as soon as they can stand all the way up to at least 4.
  2. Kid-friendly knives: It can be hard to find knives that won't cut your toddler but will cut food. These fit the bill and are my go to knives for kids.
  3. Kid-friendly cutting board: A non-slip cutting board helps your child safely learn how to cut food!
  4. First sharp knife: Once you've worked with kid-safe knives, it's time to graduate to a real sharp knife. This is my favorite one for kids, and many can start using it around 4 years old. For help with teaching your kids knife skills and keeping them safe, head to the Kids in the Kitchen workshop!
  5. Cut glove: Help your child safely learn to peel and grate things with this glove that protects them from cutting or scraping their hands.
  6. Kid-friendly garlic mincer: Kids love the idea of running this little wheel around (it's enclosed and safe!) and producing perfectly minced garlic.
  7. Mud kitchen: Help your child get used to different sensory input with mud and other natural materials. This is the perfect way to start!
  8. Mud kitchen dishes, pots, and pans: You'll need some dishes and pans for making lots of mud pies and soups. This is a perfect set to get them started.
  9. Water bottle: This water bottle comes in lots of colors, is stainless steel with a silicone straw, and fully closes to keep spills to a minimum when your toddler is out and about.
  10. Snack box: Whether you use this for a day out or to send to preschool, this is my favorite small snack box.
  11. Metal Bento box: A great option for a full on-the-go lunch box.
  12. Small dip containers: You never know what you'll need to include in their lunch box. These small containers give you endless flexibility!
  13. Toddler utensils: My favorite toddler utensils to help get them used to silverware at the table.
  14. Silicone muffin liners: These colorful little cups can be used to make muffins, to separate things in their lunchbox, or even to play with in their play kitchen.
  15. Small play kitchen: When you're tight on space, this play kitchen is the perfect addition.
  16. Larger play kitchen: If you have a little bit of extra space, this island-style play kitchen is a versatile option. Our favorite part is the counter space for them to "cook" on. 
  17. Small shape cutters: Want to introduce a little fun and novelty into their meals? These are a great place to start.
  18. Fry Bread: A favorite book of ours about a diverse Native American family making fry bread.
  19. Bilal Cooks Daal: A book to introduce kids to daal, and a great exposure for your child without any pressure or negative food messages.
  20. Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao: Another favorite book of ours. Amy helps her family make bao, and struggles to find a way that she can do them herself.
  21. Mastering Mealtimes: It wouldn't be a complete list without mentioning the toddler course! Grab this course to set your meals off on the right path, whether you're just starting to see some picky tendencies crop up and want to figure out how to navigate them, or are already well down the picky eater path.
  22. Sound machine and ok to wake light: Just how does this relate to feeding? Helping your toddler learn to have a good night sleep can help with their ability and desire to eat! And this is a game changer for toddlers. Not to mention the bluetooth function is a must have for parents that allows you to control the light from outside the room.

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