Play Food and Kitchen Toys Gift Guide

Last updated November 17, 2022
By Renae D'Andrea

When it comes to holiday gifts for your toddler, it can be really hard to narrow down your options! There are so many things out there.

My main toddler gift guide focuses more on feeding and cooking specific gifts for them. This one is all about play food and play kitchen toys! Always a popular gift, these are sure to give your toddler endless hours of play time!

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Parents' Gift Guide

Play food holiday gift guide pictures
Play food holiday gift guide pictures
  1. Small play kitchen: Let's start with the basics! This is my favorite play kitchen that is on the smaller side.
  2. Larger play kitchen: This is my favorite play kitchen with just a slightly bigger footprint. 
  3. Pot set: My favorite stainless steel play pot collection. It has seen hours of use in our house!
  4. Kitchen utensils set: Grab this set to get them started on stirring and scooping!
  5. Measuring cups and spoons: These are what get the most use in our kitchen. They aren't kid specific, and that makes them even more desirable at my house!
  6. Tongs: With endless applications for play in their kitchen and out, these small kitchen tongues can also double as your backup tongs when your own are dirty! (I speak from experience here!!)
  7. Medium metal pitcher: Another adult item repurposed for kids, this pitcher is great in their play kitchen as well as with water play!
  8. Small metal pitcher: Another great kitchen and water play option.
  9. Wooden toaster: There's just something about toast popping up and down that kids love!
  10. Toy mixer: Moving the handle and making a cake provides endless fun for kids!
  11. Plates and utensils: We can't forget something for them to eat on!
  12. Basic food set: A great started food set to get their collection started.
  13. Cuttable food: Another basic food set that gives them the chance to practice their cutting skills.
  14. Grating and peeling foods: A set of foods and gadgets that allow your kids to peel and grate their food.
  15. Play eggs: There is something about eggs that tends to fascinate kids, and this set includes several different iterations of eggs for them to play with.
  16. Pizza food set: With toppings and a pizza cutter, this set allows your child to make the family some pizza!
  17. Pita pocket set: Another great set that allows them to build pita sandwiches to share.
  18. Salad set: Cut, toss, and top this salad set with lots of different options included!
  19. Mop and broom set: Once they're done cooking, they'll love mopping and sweeping up after themselves with these lifelike options.

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