Just EAT! Ep. 3: My Toddler Will Only Eat a Few Things!

Last updated March 10, 2022
By Renae D'Andrea

In this episode, a parent writes in with the concern that her 15 month old is refusing many different foods. He won't put most foods in his mouth to try, and often throws the food he doesn't want to try onto the floor. He has a select number of foods that he will eat willingly, but is showing disinterest in trying any new foods. The parent is concerned about her toddler eating enough food in general,  and wants help figuring out how to get him to eat more food without resorting to the easy foods she knows he will eat like pouches and macaroni and cheese.

What You'll Learn About in This Episode:

  • Understanding what your child's behavior is really saying when they refuse to try new foods.
  • How the Division of Responsibility can help with picky eating.
  • Why structure at mealtimes is important for optimal eating. 
  • The importance of providing exposure and not pressure during mealtimes. 
  • How to structure the meals you are serving to encourage exposure to new foods while ensuring that your child still has the opportunity to reliably eat.
  •  Some real world techniques and practices you can incorporate into your daily routines to help expose your child to new foods.

Listen to This Episode:

Links on This Episode:

  • Why a feeding schedule for toddlers is important blog post

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