Just EAT! Ep. 4: How to Handle Desserts for Kids

Last updated March 10, 2022
By Renae D'Andrea

In this episode we'll talk all about how to handle desserts for kids. A parent writes in about the challenges she is facing with when and how to serve dessert. She generally follows the advice of serving desserts with meals, but worries that it is not practical to follow the same approach during weekly extended family meals where dessert after the meal is the norm. She wants to make sure that she is normalizing dessert even when it get's served at the very end of the meal on a regular basis. 

What You'll Learn About in This Episode:

  • What the Division of Responsibility is and why it is the basis of a good feeding relationship.
  • How always serving dessert at the end of a meal can lead to ascribing unwanted values to foods.
  • Why you should avoid using desserts as rewards.
  • When the best time is to serve dessert at mealtimes.
  • What to do when there's a situation where the approach to dessert is different to yours at home,  like at a birthday party.
  • Why your outlook on dessert is important and how to communicate acceptance of all foods to your child. 
  • Some tips on how to incorporate desserts into the bigger picture of feeding your child.

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