Confidently let your baby take the lead in eating

Starting Solid Foods:

Setting the Foundation

Pssst! Calling all parents feeling anxious about how to start feeding your baby food

You’re not alone in your worries. Lots of parents wonder how to safely make baby’s transition to solid food work for their family.

With so much conflicting information coming at you from the internet, your mom, your pediatrician, and the people in ‘that’ Facebook group, so far this baby milestone feels stressful.

That’s why if you’ve been…

  • wanting to try baby led weaning (but are too stressed out about choking to give it a chance)
  • wondering when to introduce common allergens (while wishing someone would tell you the right timing)
  • attempting to serve baby larger, soft pieces they can feed themselves (and feeling panicked when they start gagging)
  • watching your baby make “I hate this food” facial expressions while eating (when trying to spoon feed them purees)
  • feeling oh-so-frustrated about the mess (and trying to control it by keeping eating neat) 

You may be saying to yourself, “Feeding my baby table food scares the ish out of me! How do I even start?

Keep reading. And let me, a registered dietitian and childhood nutrition expert, show you an easy way to begin.

But first, there’s something you need to know...

Babies form their best relationship with food when they’re in control from day one

Yet, when you’re controlling the spoon, you’re in charge of the experience. You set the pace, the ounces, and often the emotions surrounding the meal. 

Every baby is different. Even so, they all desire independence. That might be why yours pushes away, refuses, spits out, or plays with their food.

Everything could change if you look at feeding as a relationship. 

Your job in the relationship is to provide your little one with safe opportunities to experience food. 

Your baby’s role is to learn to feed themselves. That’s how we foster intuitive eating from the first bite. 

It’s time to swap your worries and trust your baby can handle this big independent milestone.

Picture feeling confident and calm that you know what’s normal

No more hovering anxiously while your baby places that soft piece of carrot in their mouth...

Instead, fulfilling your role in the feeding relationship would be fun and easy. You’d actually enjoy the process of watching your baby learn how to eat solids.

Let’s jump into your future, where you’d know the...

  • Difference between choking and gagging
  • Handful of things that are true safety issues
  • Timing of how to serve foods that link to common allergies
  • Best strategies to handle the mess
  • How much food to serve your little one

….even better, you’d do all this with total confidence. 

And that's where Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation comes in.


Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

A program to help parents confidently take a flexible approach to baby-led feeding

Stop trying to piece together how to get started feeding your baby. Learn everything you need to know right now.

baby eating

If it’s time to feed your baby solids, this is the reliable resource you need 

Created by dietitian and mom, Renae D’Andrea, Starting Solids is the go-to resource for 1000s of parents around the world. 

This program gives the science, research, and professional recommendations around feeding. Then it explains which ones you can safely individualize for your baby.

When you sign up for Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation, you’ll get instant access to the course materials. They’re divided into the three key steps you need to feel confident feeding your baby solids.

Set the Structure

Learn how to set up mealtimes so they’re successful for everyone involved. You’ll know what gear you need, how to clean up the mess, and the habits that make family meal time fun. Plus, get clear guidelines for supporting baby’s explorations with food.

Plan the Nutrients

Discover a handful of easy techniques to ensure your baby gets a variety of nutrients. Learn how to best serve foods to avoid choking issues. Plus, understand how to handle common food allergens, and deal with milk.

Individualize the Experience

No two babies are exactly alike. Learn the cues that show your little one is ready to start solids. Know how to push their skills based on what you’re seeing. You’ll also find out what’s in the normal range of eating, so you can ditch worrying and manage your own expectations.

What’s waiting for you inside 

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation


Find The Signs

Find the Signs | New Ways Nutrition

Every baby is unique. Identify your individual baby’s developmental readiness to explore solid foods by watching for bite-sized milestones that show it’s time to start.


Simplify Your Setup

Simplify Your Setup 1

Cut out the confusion and discover what gear you need to get started with solids (hint: it’s not much). Learn parent-tested hacks for handling the mealtime mess.


Ditch The Distractions

Ditch the Distractions | New Ways Nutrition

Reduce stress by learning how to manage your side of the feeding relationship. Discover ideas for modeling safe mealtime expectations for all ages while welcoming your baby to the table.


Guide Them Through

Guide Them Through | New Ways Nutrition

Support your baby’s eating journey by knowing when to encourage their curiosity towards food and self-feeding. Confidently know how to spot the difference between choking and gagging.


Build Your Plate

Build Your Plate | New Ways Nutrition

Lean on this reference guide for prepping meals filled with the nutrients baby needs. Understand the various categories of foods and how to incorporate spices in your baby’s plate.


Keep It Safe

Keep It Safe | New Ways Nutrition

Get practical ideas for safely trying to follow a baby-led weaning approach to solids. End the choking, gagging, and allergy worries by learning how to manage top food hazards.


Fill The Holes

Fill the Holes | New Ways Nutrition

Easily navigate specific situations that arise. Know when to introduce allergens and how to manage constipation. Get clear on when and how much breastmilk or formula to provide during baby’s first year on solids.


Curb Expectations

Curb Your Expectations | New Ways Nutrition

Reduce the stress of wondering how much, how long, and how to best feed your baby. Know the answers to the common “Is this normal?” questions that pop up in your head daily.


Push Their Skills

Push Their Skills | New Ways Nutrition

Gain clarity on how to tell if it’s time to increase the number of meals, increase the portion sizes or challenge your baby with harder foods. Learn how to spot possible feeding issues.

Pick up two supportive bonuses that simplify everything

When you sign up for Starting Solids, you also get TWO bonus resources. These help make this starting solids journey a whole lot easier for YOU. 

Bonus #1: Caregiver Feeding Safety Handout

Use the handout to explain your feeding approach to friends, family or caregivers. It summarizes many important things; safety, food size, and tips for responsive eating.

Ways to Eat | New Ways Nutrition

Bonus #2: Ways To Eat Inspiration Guide

Quit searching Google for mealtime inspiration. Feeling stuck on what to prepare for baby, or want to switch up textures or sizes? Review this visual guide to find several ways to serve a wide variety of popular foods.

Get instant access to 

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation now!

Dedicate a few hours of your time, and you’ll soon have everything you need to confidently start your baby on solid foods.

All for $197, or 3 payments of $66.

Easily take in the content while you nurse or feed your baby. Learn through…

A registered dietitian. Rest easy knowing you’re receiving up-to-date information taught by an expert who specializes in childhood nutrition and baby led feeding!

Short, on-demand videos you can watch with the sound off. I’ll model how to safely prepare food, the role of responsive feeding, how to clean up the mess, and much more!

Easy-to-follow reference guides, checklists, and food lists. Ready for you to use as a baby-led weaning resource to support your little one from their first bite to their first birthday. 

...and two bonus resources, a caregiver safety handout and a mini-mealtime inspiration guide to make meal prep effortless.

1000s of parents credit Starting Solids with their confidence to try baby-led feeding

Here’s what three new moms have to say...


I highly recommend Starting Solids to new parents. It takes the anxiety out of starting solids with your little one and gives you confidence to let them take the lead in trying new foods.

JB (Mom to a 10-month old)


I am so much less anxious than I was before! The course gave me recipe ideas, food suggestions, serving suggestions PLUS a general philosophy of how to feed my kid. I am so much more at ease when feeding him! H. is trying new foods all the time!

Olivia (Mom to a 9-month old)


This course provided me with more knowledge surrounding baby led feeding. Now, I’m not anxious when my baby doesn't eat the food in front him and I’m not anxious when I have to fill up his plate multiple times.

Yael (Mom to a well-fed baby)

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation is exactly what your family needs if you’re...

  • A parent of a baby between 4-10 months old
  • trying to figure out which foods to start with or avoid
  • feeling worried about choking, gagging, or allergies
  • dreaming of stress-free and mess-free mealtimes
  • curious about how to do baby-led weaning vs purees
  • seeking a reliable resource to understand what’s normal
  • wanting to feel calm and confident while trying baby-led weaning

Sign up to experience the “Feed Your Baby With Confidence” guarantee

Pop in your headphones and watch the Starting Solids videos right away. 

Follow along with the resource guides and checklists. Print out the ones you want as a handy reference on your fridge.

There are no refunds for Starting Solids. It’s based on years of work as a dietitian, and proven in the home of 1000s of parents.

Instead, our guarantee is simple: Finish the course to enjoy the confidence that comes when you’re well informed with practical ideas that ensure your baby gets exposed to a wide variety of nutritious foods in a safe manner.

Practical feeding tips you can follow from baby’s first bite (and beyond)

Starting Solids is the “I’m confident about how to start a baby led feeding approach” solution for new parents.

Access now for $197, or 3 payments of $66

Meet the dietitian behind the program

Hey, I’m Renae

So many different resources make starting solids more complicated (and more rigid) than it needs to be! 

That’s why as a registered dietitian and a mom of 2, my passion is helping parents learn how to start their baby off on the right foot when it comes to food. 

When I set out to start my daughter on solid foods and really immersed myself in all the different recommendations that are out there on the internet, I realized how many of those recommendations can hinder, instead of help, a parent's desire to feed their baby well. 

Every family is different, and how you feed your baby is up to you. 

But I'm here to help lend you support and give you the knowledge you need to trust in your choices!

Sneak a peek at a few more Starting Solids success stories

 “Starting Solids made baby led feeding seem less overwhelming and dangerous.”

If the baby led weaning books are general theory, this course is the specific practice. It helped me feel confident in applying the theory of Baby Led Weaning. It goes more in-depth and gives great reassurance and visuals so that I know that I am doing BLW correctly, and more importantly, safely!

-Jesteen (Mom)

“I wanted to do BLW but had no clue where to start or how to do it safely. Starting Solids answered my questions.”

 It gave me both confidence and took away my anxiety allowing me to enjoy the process of my son learning how to eat. I now know what tools to have and why. I know what foods to start with and how to serve them. It equipped me with the mentality.

Julie   (Mom)

“I’ve become more relaxed in letting my baby lead the way!”

I also have become more confident in how and what to feed my baby. Some meals he really just plays with the food, maybe tasting a little, and then is done. I learned to take a step back and really follow his lead. It’s amazing what he’ll go for one day and not another. I trust he knows what and how much!

Michelle   (Mom)

“Our 8-month-old eats anything and everything with enthusiasm!”

Taking this course helped to simplify an originally intimidating concept! It helped me to feel much more confident in feeding my babes AND making sure he was getting the balanced nutrition he needs. Mealtimes are highlights of our days, and we feel great about the approach to teaching him to eat and how successful he has been.

Krissy   (Mom to an 8-month-old)

It’s your turn to enjoy the experience of this baby milestone

Starting Solids is the how-to feeding resource you’ll use to swap your “I’m really worried” feelings for “I’m totally confident!” attitude.

Questions you might be asking yourself

Do we have to do baby led weaning to take this course?

How long will I get access to Starting Solids?

Can I find this information for free?

Will you show me what to do about choking or gagging?

Will you tell me when to introduce common allergens?

Do you offer refunds?

Get instant access to Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation today!

Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

Sign up today to experience the confidence 1000s of other new parents have gained through Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation.

All for only $197, or 3 payments of $66!

Instantly access the on-demand video training and resources inside the program to learn...

  • parent-tested hacks for handling the mealtime mess
  • ideas for modeling safe mealtime expectations for all ages
  • how to spot the difference between choking and gagging
  • ways to identify your baby’s developmental readiness
  • answers to the common “Is this normal?” questions
  • how to tell it’s time to increase the number of meals
  • tips for prepping meals filled with the nutrients baby needs
  • how to end choking, gagging, and allergy worries
  • when and how much breastmilk or formula to provide

...and much, much more.

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