Starting Solids: The First Year

5 Chapters 13 Lessons

About this course

A deep dive into everything you need to know to start your baby on solid foods. From what to buy and when to start, to how to set your baby up to be a successful eater for life!

Course Structure

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1 Lesson


An overview of what to expect in the course. 

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2 Lessons

Unit 1: 4-6 Months

Everything you need to know in the months before you start. 

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5 Lessons

Unit 2: 6 months

The meat of our course, we're talking how to build your baby's plate and how to set up meal times.

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3 Lessons

Unit 3: 9-12 Months

Everything you need to know as your baby develops their eating skills and begins to tolerate more challenging foods.

What's Next?

What to do once you've completed the course. 

Review and Feedback

I would love to hear your feedback on the course!

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Course Handouts for Downloading

Here you will find all the handouts for the course, in one central location. Many of them can also be found in their associated lessons. 

Size and Texture Video Examples

Video examples of selected foods to help you see the ideal size and texture to serve your baby.