Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

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About Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

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4 lessons

All About Starting Solids: Setting the Foundation

Signs for Starting Solid Foods

Helping Baby Get Ready for Food

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Start Eating

Set the Structure

11 lessons

Simplify Your Setup

Gear 101: High Chairs

Gear 101: Plates, Spoons, and Forks

Gear 101: Cups

Gear 101: Bibs

How to Clean Up

Ditch the Distractions

Setting Up Your Eating Environment

How to Act During Feeding Times

Eliminating Distractions

Guide Them Through

Supporting Your Child With Eating

Giving Your Baby Freedom With Eating

How to Handle Gagging and Choking

Plan the Nutrients

22 lessons

Keeping Foods Safe

Allergens and Introducing Foods

Choking Hazards: Unalterable Foods and Hard, Round Foods

Choking Hazards: Hard, Sharp Foods, Nuts and Seeds, and Nut Butters

Choking Hazards: Hard Chunks of Food

Choking Hazards: Meats

Choking Hazards for Babies: Skins and Small Hard Foods

Choking Hazards for Babies: Dry Baked Goods and Canned Fruit

Foods to Avoid

The Best Size and Shape for Foods

How to Serve Common Foods

Serving Difficult Shapes and Textures

Foods to Serve for Just the First Few Weeks

Build Your Plate

Start Small and Spice It Up!

The Three Categories: Iron

The Three Categories: High Calorie

The Three Categories: Fruits and Vegetables

Fill the Holes


Drinks with Meals


Bowel Movements and Constipation

Handling Variety With Foods

Eating at Restaurants

Individualize the Experience

9 lessons

Signs to Watch for as Your Baby Advances in Their Eating

Signs to Watch for as Your Baby Advances in Their Eating

Curb Your Expectations

Setting Expectations

Purees vs Finger Foods

How Much and How Often to Feed Your Baby

What to Expect with Utensils and Mess

Your Baby’s Size, Weight, and Growth

What to Expect in the First Few Weeks

Push Their Skills

Push Their Skills

Bonus Lesson

Feeding at Daycare


1 lessons

Wrap-up and Review

Handouts and Downloads

2 lessons

Worksheets and PDFs

Bonus Handouts

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About the Teacher

Renae D'Andrea

Mom. Dietitian. Food Lover. I find joy in helping others relieve the stress of meal times and feeding their children, from the first bite on!