Mastering Mealtimes

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About Mastering Mealtimes

The Feeding Relationship

5 lessons


Why You’re Here

Eating Competence

Let’s Set the Scene

Live Q&A Week 1

The Mealtime Reset

14 lessons

Start With a Schedule

Why You Need a Schedule

Setting up a Schedule

Family Table, Family Style

Family Meals Are the Key to Learning to Eat

Sitting Properly at the Table

How to Serve Family Style to Different Age Groups

Know Your Role Around Food

Your Role as the Parent

Your Child’s Role

The Elephant in the Room: Hunger Overnight

How to Serve Meals to Your Child: The Role of Safe Foods

What Is a Safe Food?

Going Beyond Two Safe Foods

Removing Pressure Around Food

What Pressure Is and Why You Should Avoid It

Taking It a Step Further: Manners, Dishes, and Utensils

Setting Boundaries

Behaviors You Need Boundaries With

Live Q&A Week 2

Live Q&A Week 2

The Nutritional Needs

16 lessons

How This Module Works

The Big Picture

The Food Groups

Variety vs Sanity

The Mastering Mealtimes Equation

How Much Should Your Child Eat?

What’s the Deal with Sugar?

How to Handle Desserts

Salt for Kids

What to Give for Drinks

Serving Snacks That Last

How to Handle Favorite Foods

How to Meal Plan When They Only Eat One Thing on Their Plate

Serving “Play Foods” – How Often Should You Do It?

A Note on Choking Hazards

Live Q&A Week 3

The Table Behaviors

16 lessons

Taking the Framework Further

Choosing Your Battles

Using Descriptive Words

Asking “Did You Like It?”

Signs It’s More Than Just Picky Eating

The Number One Thing to Remember With Feeding


My Kid Only Wants to Eat Some of What's on the Table!

My Child is Picky All of the Sudden

My Child is Teething (or Sick) and Not Eating

How to Handle Food at Friend's and Family's Houses

What to Do at Birthday Parties

My Toddler Only Wants Pouches

My Child Demands to Have the Same Food Every Day

My Child Is Under/Over Weight

Food Throwing and Other Poor Mealtime Behaviors

How to Handle Meals with Daycares and Other Caregivers

Live Q&A Week 4

Live Q&A Week 4

Bonus Content

4 lessons

Recipe Swipe File

Conversation Cards

Pressure Free Phrases

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About the Teacher

Renae D'Andrea

Mom. Dietitian. Food Lover. I find joy in helping others relieve the stress of meal times and feeding their children, from the first bite on!